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Safety and Security 

Safety and security for guests at the Delta Cultural Center (DCC) are a high priority for Delta Foundation, Inc. As such, guests must adhere to the following guidance: 

  • • Do not open the door for unknown persons;

  • • Do not prop open doors;

  • • Do not share codes that provide access to the DCC or other locked storage space in the DCC;

  • • Use the buddy system when exiting the DCC at night;

  • • Those who have an access code must arm/disarm the alarm if they are the first to enter or last to leave the DCC;

  • • Animals, except for service animals, are not permitted in the DCC;

  • • Persons under the age of 21 must not drink or be served alcohol in the DCC or on the DCC parking lot;

  • • Smoking is prohibited in and around the DCC;

  • • In case of an emergency, first call 911 then notify Property Manager, Jewell Samuel 


Reserving Meeting Rooms 

To reserve a meeting room, please visit  This is the only way to reserve a meeting room. Include the organization name, group size, meeting time frame and the name and number for the organization’s point of contact.  In case of a cancellation, notify Property Manager, as soon as you become aware that the reservation is no longer needed or at least 48 hours prior to your reservation date by sending a text to: 202-431-1478.


Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis and Property Manager will confirm your reservation. The rooms available for reservation are as follows:

  • • Carolyn J B Howard Library (4-person capacity)

  • • Main floor areas (20–25-person capacity) 

  • • Upper floor conference room (6-person capacity)

All guests are expected to reserve only the room or area that accommodates  their group size and to conduct meetings or gatherings in the time frame reserved in a professional manner at all times. 


Arriving, Room Setup and Arrangements

In order to gain access to the DCC, text/call Property Manager 30 minutes prior to arrival to allow for the disarming of the alarm and to obtain the door pass code.  Once you have gained entry you will be responsible for your own room setup. 

Setup requirements:

  • • Nothing, including posters, pictures, or banners, should be attached to walls or furniture with nails, staples, tape, or by any other permanent or semi-permanent method.  

  • • Care should be used in moving furniture. For safety reasons, furniture cannot block any doorway, hallway, or exit. 

  • • Use care when using meeting rooms to preserve and protect the furnishings.

  • • Report anything broken, dirty, stained, missing or not operational to Property Manager

Cleanup requirements:

  • •All used paper products, left over documents, etc., should be disposed of appropriately and the room should be returned to the condition in which it was found.

  • •Tables, countertops, and floors should be clean and free of food, beverages, crumbs, trash, etc.  

  • •Absent prior arrangements with DCC, all food and beverages, open and unopened, must be removed from the premises. 


Remove all trash from the premises as there is no one available to place garbage containers out for trash pick-up. Upon leaving the DCC ensure:

  • • All furniture has been returned to its original location and that the space is in the condition you found it.

  • • If the thermostat has been adjusted, return it to the original setting.

  • • Turn off all lights except the light over the bar sink andexterior lights.

  • • Ensure all doors are locked. 

  • • Text/call Property Manager once you have left the building so that the alarm can be reset.


Damage Responsibility

Delta Foundation, Inc., assumes no liability for loss, theft, or damage to personal property brought into the DCC. Additionally, any damage to the DCC or property located in the DCC that is caused by a guest/organization, shall be the responsibility of the guest/ organization to pay Delta Foundation, Inc. for damages or replacement costs. Children must be supervised when visiting the DCC.

Delta Foundation, Inc., owns the parking lot adjacent to the DCC and does not assume any liability for theft or vandalism of cars and personal property. Delta Foundation, Inc., will do its best to ensure that the parking lot is accessible, including during inclement weather. If you notice any objects such as glass, large objects, etc. in the parking lot call/ text: Property Manager

Est. 1996
25 years
Serving the Community 



The Foundation offers a variety of cultural, educational, health and economic opportunities to the residents of Prince George’s County. While the Foundation maintains a robust relationship with the Prince George’s County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the two are independent and separately-operated organizations.

The Foundation Board of Directors have significant non-profit experience and functional expertise in a variety of areas including fund development, finance and accounting, general business management, organizational development, law, real estate, and banking. All board decisions are governed by a state-approved charter, by-laws and Robert’s Rules or order. The Board hosts an annual meeting for our partners and supporters. New board membership is considered annually.

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Board of Directors

Charlene Proctor, Esq., President

Kasey Edwards, Esq., Vice President

Anetra Tucker

Linda Howard, Treasurer

Tammie Hart, Assistant Treasurer

Brenda Baskerville, Financial Secretary

Angie Reese-Hawkins
Brenda S. Mitchell, Board Development Chair

Brian K. Smith, Public Relations & Technology Chair

Danesha Chisholm

Delores Johnson-Cooper

Dottie Chicquelo, Ph.D.

Erika Thompson, Grants Chair

Fannie Thompson

Jewell Samuel, J.D.,  Property Chair

Pamela D. Jenkins

Patricia Rosier, Esq.

Shayrea Cade

Tonya Fadis

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